Is Always In Season Farmstead Retreat for you?

  • Are you feeling exhausted, overworked, down in the dumps or just wish for a well-deserved break? 
  • Are you struggling with your self-worth, weight, career, or a relationship? 
  • Are you a workaholic or dealing with other compulsive behaviors or self-destructive patterns?

That used to be me, 15 years ago. Since my recovery, I have helped numerous people get on the road to regenerate themselves.

Rest * Relax * Rejuvenate

We welcome those searching for a positive change in their lives and looking for a healthy lifestyle transformation.

The beautiful farmstead environment, teaming with life, in stunning North Kohala Hawaii, offers you the ideal location to unwind.

Donna Maltz is a certified Health Coach specializing in helping career driven individuals establish a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She is also the author of the forthcoming book, From the Soil to the Soul ~ Living As If The Future Matters. Donna is also an avid photographer and teaches photography as a form of meditation. She and her husband Kevin founded and operated the first green restaurant in Alaska in 1982. The Maltz’s have 70 years experience combined, in preparing and sharing local and organic foods, at their cafe and with numerous clients at Always In Season Retreat.

Three Night Wellness Retreat:

Day 1: (For all custom retreats) We will pick you up on the date of your arrival. At the farmstead, you will be greeted with a vegetable cocktail or freshly squeezed juice from our orchard fruits. We will then orient you to the farmstead with a stroll around the property and introduce you to the plants, herbs, trees, and our loving animals. Then a delicious medicinal meal from the land and sea full of flavor and beauty. Enjoy a nightcap of fresh herbal tea and settle in for a deep sleep in your lovely accommodations.

Day 2:  Enjoy a healthy breakfast followed by an optional walk and dip in the ocean and then a tour of highlights in the area. We like to start our day early but we’ll start at whatever time you are ready. 

Lunch is our main meal and you can opt to have a culinary class and help prepare the meal made with locally sourced and organic ingredients. All your dietary needs are met at every meal. 


Afternoons are free time for you to explore, rest, or take advantage of the other services below. 

The evening meal is light, digestible, and delicious. After dinner tea is served on the deck where we go over the day and schedule for the next day.

Each day is yours to choose what will serve your needs while you retreat in the soothing environment. 

If you choose to extend your stay, just pay the room rate.  We recommend you stay for at least a week to enjoy magnificent ocean swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and beaches. Even though we call it the Big Island, within two hours in any direction, you can see most of the Island.

Check out the activities form to see if there is something in the area you wish to do and we can help arrange to book it for you. We will always inform you of musical and fun events happening around the area.

7-Night Rejuvenation Retreat

Health is your Greatest Wealth, and Time your Greatest Currency.

Come by yourself, or bring a friend, spouse, or child. Enjoy a self-care, educational vacation immersed in nature and filled with nourishment to assist your body mind and soul.

Your retreat benefits starts before you arrive with two, one-hour phone consultations with Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Donna Maltz. I specialize in working with career-driven individuals looking to balance their busy life and choosing to make their health a priority.

In our initial consultation you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so we can get to know each-other. The more information you can provide, the better we can serve you in regard to; dietary requirements, career and relationship status, your relationship with Nature, physical condition or disabilities, allergies, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The second pre-consultation, we will discuss your concerns based on the questioner results. I will provide you a customized protocol to enhance your retreat experience and make recommendations to prepare you for your visit.

The 7-day healing retreat is a gift for yourself. Each day is filled to accommodate you. We lay out a rough schedule of healing activities immersed in Nature, and options of nutritional food all day long that support your specific dietary requirements.  Each day, after a light breakfast, you will have a one-hour consultation on our morning walk in Nature. During the session, I incorporate, breathing, stretching and meditation exercises. We can then take a dip in the ocean or save it for the early evening; you are also welcomed to opt out. Then a nutritious lunch and rest. In the afternoon, you will have the choice to do a culinary class, other activities or focus on your self-care. At sunset, we have a peaceful evening meal. During your week-long personalized stay, rest assured that we will do everything possible to provide you with a memorable and healing journey based on your needs.

You will leave with; culinary skills to accommodate your dietary requirements and lifestyle, stress coping skills, and feel relaxed,rejuvenated and smiling from the inside out. Your stay also includes two one hour follow consultations.

**Massages and other healing modalities can be arranged at your expense.**

Meal Plan Option:

Wish to be more independent, and enjoy having two professional chefs prepare nutritional meals for your stay? We make all meals to accommodate your dietary requirements, serve the meal, and clean up. Each meal is made from scratch using local and organic ingredients and beautiful platted.

We can even pack meals if you are on the go, and for your airplane ride home. Meals are priced per person.

  • Breakfast:   $30-$45
  • Lunch:         $40-$65
  • Dinner:        $60-$100

Be sure to book your meals in advance, since Donna and Kevin do travel throughout the year.

Be prepared to open up to the world of your potential through this week of self-discovery, while learning culinary skills that will serve you for your lifetime.

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